5 Reasons To Avoid Pruvit – Pruvit Keto Review

by Dom

January 18, 2020

Pruvit Keto Review

Pruvit Keto Review

Pruvit Keto Review

Pruvit Ventures (or Prüvit) is an MLM company that started the ketone supplement craze. I’ve been asked several times about the company and their products, so here’s my official Pruvit ketone review based on what I know and have experienced so far about the company and their keto products. 

**Full disclosure, I am a Pruvit Promoter and helped launch the company and have been using the Pruvit Keto products since 2015. With this said, I will give you a truthful review of Pruvit and its products. Some info may shock you! 

View my more in-depth review of joining Pruvit as a promoter here. This is an updated review that walks you through everything. Click here to view!

What is Pruvit

Pruvit (or Prüvit) is an MLM company that brought the idea of supplementing with ketones to the public in mid-2015. This isn’t to say that Pruvit invented ketones (BHB), but they did create the market for ketones by creating a sales force that shared their personal experiences from taking the first and only PTK (Pure Therapeutic Ketone). 

This “sharing” in the beginning was people taking photos of a pee strip that tested for ketones in the urine. If the strip turned purple it indicated that a person was in ketosis.

Pruvit Review, Does Keto OS Work?

This wasn’t the most attractive way to share, but it seemed to be an effective way.

Think about it, the Atkins diet was HUGE and helped a lot of people lose weight. The goal of the diet was to get into Ketosis (the body burns stored fat and creates ketones). When on the Atkins diet people would also pee on a ketone strip and if the strip turned purple it meant that the body was burning fat and in ketosis.

Original Pruvit Ketones - Keto OS Orange Dream

In 2015 and most of 2016 Pruvit had a limited product line. The original Pruvit Keto product was called Keto OS and Keto COS (Ketone Operating System and Ketone Charged Operating System) and it came in one flavor, Orange Dream. 

*I wasn’t a fan of the flavor, but I drank it because of what it did for me. See my video testimonial

Today, the Pruvit Keto product line has expanded substantially. Pruvit has not only expanded its keto products, but Pruvit also improved the formula of its flagship product Keto OS. Keto OS has been upgraded to Keto OS NAT, the first-ever naturally fermented ketone and doesn’t require any synthetic process used to produce all other competing products.



Pruvit distributes its products through a sales team that only receives compensation through commissions of products sold by them or by other Pruvit promoters that joined their team, in other words, Pruvit is an MLM (Multi-Level-Marketing) or network marketing company. 

Pruvit MLM

Does this mean its a pyramid scheme? I used to think that MLM’s or network marketing companies were all pyramid schemes or scams, but I have since learned that this isn’t true. Pyramid schemes are illegal and are very short-lived, most won’t last one or two years before the company is shut down by the government.

Network marketing companies (MLMs) do have a compensation plan that looks very much like a pyramid, but that doesn’t make it a scam or illegal. All companies are structured as a pyramid, but what makes a company illegal is when they take people’s money and there are no products or services exchanged.

As a matter of fact, if someone wants to join Pruvit as a promoter or distributor they can do so without having to buy product. All they have to do is pay $37 in exchange for 4 websites and a back office to track sales and earned commissions. No stock is required and Pruvit states that a promoter should only purchase enough products for personal use.

5 Reasons Pruvit Chose the MLM Business Model

  1. To create a community of people that all wanted to be BETTER
  2. Allows Pruvit and its distributors to educate people about ketones (if people saw ketones at GNC, most wouldn’t know how or why they should take them) 
  3. Can help people create additional income
  4. Word of mouth is cheap and very effective
  5. MLM or Network Marketing is a tried and true business model (although there are a lot of negative opinions about them and probably for good reason.



5 Reasons Why You Want to Consider Pruvit and the Pruvit Products

  1. Improved mental and physical fitness
  2. Improved fat loss
  3. Improve eating habits
  4. Create an additional income and create freedom
  5. Become a part of a community creating change

5 Reasons to Avoid Pruvit

  1. Looking for a quick fix for your health or weight loss goals (no magic pill here)
  2. Not willing to commit to Pruvit keto for 60-90 days (this time allows people to make a change that can be sustained)
  3. Price – Pruvit is a premium product and is very high quality, but is not cheap. (Pruvit does have a free product program and offers discounts)
  4. You want to get rich quick. You will not get rich quick (to make extra money you will have to work and invest time)
  5. You believe the Network Marketing / MLM is a scam (I would still recommend you try Pruvit’s Keto OS Nat at a minimum) 

11 Reasons to Use Pruvit Keto OS or Any Other Pruvit Products

Prüvit Keto OS is a brand of keto supplements marketed for their ability to increase energy, boost athletic performance and reduce appetite creating a perfect storm for fat loss. 

  1. All-day energy 
  2. The brain thrives on ketones and ketones help protect the brain
  3. Improved fat loss
  4. Improved mood
  5. Improved sleep
  6. Reduces appetite and cravings
  7. Improved cellular signaling (better overall health and longevity)
  8. Pruvit products do not require you to change your diet and work regardless of your diet (Pruvit does support and advocates a low carb lifestyle due to all the science)
  9. High-quality products that are patented and proven
  10. Tastes amazing and work 100% and has a 90-Day money-back guarantee
  11. You receive support and coaching for FREE

How to use Pruvit Keto OS

Click here for 8 simple steps to getting the most out of your Pruvit Keto OS

Should You Join Pruvit to Build a Home Business

Join Pruvit. work from home doing keto

This is a question I struggled with for some time. Some of my initial thought were, is Pruvit a scam?, What are Ketones?, Can I make money? Will this (Pruvit Keto OS ) work for others? Do I have to stalk and bug all my friends and family? 

It turned out that I was afraid of failing at the business and I was worried about what people would think about me.

3 Recommendation to Anyone Thinking About Joining Pruvit

  1. Stop worrying about what others MIGHT think (they aren’t paying your bills)
  2. Get on a call with me or another Pruvit Promoter and ask ALL of your questions
  3. Try the product for yourself first (I recommend the 10 Day Drink Ketones Challenge)

How to Join or Become a Pruvit Promoter

Becoming a Pruvit promoter or distributor is simple, but I recommend you reach out to me before you commit so you can have your questions answered and we can strategize on how we can help you succeed in your Pruvit business. 

If you decide to join Pruvit as a promoter it will only cost $37 USD

Pruvit also has promoter packs that allow you to have products for yourself and some extra products that you can offer as samples to others.

The Pruvit promoter packs are optional and ARE NOT required. Pruvit offers 3 different promoter packs. You pick the best one for you.

Check out my Pruvit Promoter Review here!

Contact me for more information about Pruvit Keto or the Pruvit business opportunity here

About the author 

Dom went from foster child, turned disabled veteran, to network marketing 7 figure earner, and blogger. Read more about my story here: From Broken & Broke To 7 Figures

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