Pruvit Coupon Code and The 4 Ways To Save Today

Pruvit discounts - Keto OS coupon code

Pruvit Coupon Code and Additional Discounts

You’re on this page because looking to buy Keto//OS and you want a Pruvit coupon code. Saving money is always on the top of our list of things to do and we do it (or should) every chance we get. Pruvit’s ketone supplements are premium supplements that provide incredible benefits and results.

This doesn’t mean you can’t get Keto OS NAT, Keto UP, Keto OS Pro, or any of the other amazing products at a discount. Keep reading to learn about all the discounts available and how you can get your Pruvit coupon code today and a special 50% Off one-time-offer.

1. Save 22% With the Pruvit Smart-Ship/Auto-Ship Discount

You may not be aware of Pruvit’s SmartShip program, but SmartShip is a way for existing and new Pruvit customers to get KETO//OS and other Pruvit products automatically every month. Since the customer or promoter has set up an automatic and recurring order, Pruvit rewards them by they receive a large discount on the product ordered.

Pruvit discount of 22%

The image above shows that a box of Ketones (Keto OS NAT) regular price is $130.00 a box, but when you select a delivery option of SmartShip you receive a discount of $28.60 when the 22% off SmartShip discount is applied. There is no limit to how many products can be discounted on SmartShip and can be canceled at any time.

PLUS you’ll be eligible to get your products for FREE by referring 2 SmartShip Customers.

2. Pruvit Sales (monthly)

Pruvit Discounts

The best discount Pruvit offers is the SmartShip discount, but that’s more for the longterm. What I mean by “longterm” is if you’re going take the product for 60 dates or more.

The second Pruvit discount that is available to everyone without a coupon are the monthly sales. Pruvit holds a sale once a month, usually. As you can see from the image above when Pruvit does have a sale they will have a banner at the top of their website.

Monthly sales very, sometimes they’ll offer a discount on certain products and other times it can be on everything. The discounts will vary in percentages off and can not be assumed that a sale will always be 22% off. I’ve seen sales at 30% off.

The Pruvit one-time sales are a great way to get different flavors that you may not have on SmartShip. A great way to make the most of the sales is to add flavors of Keto OS to your inventory at a discount. This way you can share them with others, ultimately, helping others and earning free ketones from Pruvit while you build your business (if you joined as a promoter).

3. FREE Pruvit Product Program

Yes, this is a real program! Pruvit offers free Keto products for all customers and promoters. The image below explains how you or anyone can get your Keto OS NAT or any other ketone supplement from Pruvit for FREE

Customers and Promoters can earn free Keto OS and other products by simply setting up a SmartShip order and then referring 2 different Customers who do the same. You will receive the average of your 2 highest personally referred Customer orders in the form of Prüvit Bucks.

Customers and Promoters can use their Prüvit Bucks on approved products for one-time and recurring SmartShip orders.*You just pay for the tax and shipping.

Click here to see Pruvits official Free Product Program

4. Pruvit Coupon Code – Discount Code

Pruvit discount code

Using a Pruvit coupon code is the fastest way to save money on your initial order of most Pruvit products. In order to use a coupon code/discount code, you will need to find a Pruvit Promoter and ask them if they have and Keto OS coupon code that you can have.

In order to use the coupon code, you will need to order from the Pruvit promoter that gave you the discount code by going to their official Pruvit website.

The coupon codes can be used on the majority of Pruvit products, but not all of them. Make sure that you see the change in price before confirming your order, otherwise you’ll be charged the full retail amount.

50% Off Keto//OS NAT Today

For a limited time I am personally offering you 50% off Keto//OS NAT. Thats right, 50% OFF! instead of getting 5 serving for $40 I’m giving you 10 servings for $40. Just click the link below to take advantage of this offer.

Need a Coupon Code for Keto OS NAT or Other Pruvit Products?

If you’re wanting a coupon code and don’t know a Pruvit promoter do the following steps to get a $20 discount.

  1. Go to the official Pruvit site (
  2. Click Products
  3. Select the product or products you want and add to cart
  4. If asked “Who told you about Prüvit?”, type KETO1 keto os discount
  5. Create your accountpruvit account
  6. Once you create your account, email me the name you used to create your account (can send a screenshot). I will respond within 24hrs or sooner and send you a $20 coupon code. If you text me I will respond sooner. (FB messenger is a great way also)

If getting $20 off your first order isn’t that exciting to you, I challenge you to join me and my wife in the 10 Day Ketone Challenge. Learn more here

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