New Keto Pro and the Top 3 New Flavors

by Dom

December 14, 2020

keto OS pro by pruvit
keto OS pro by pruvit

Keto Pro, Pruvit’s Ketone Infused Protein.

Keto Pro is Pruvit‘s multi-patented keto-friendly protein powder that packs a punch. Keto//OS Pro is the only keto protein on the market that is infused with BHB or ketones.

Why use Keto Pro?

There are several reasons people are choosing Pruvit’s Keto protein as their protein of choice. Below I’ll list some of the reasons others are using Keto//OS Pro along with benefits.

  • Tastes amazing (most people don’t like drinking protein shakes until now)
  • Easy and convenient to use
  • Keto-friendly
  • Contains C-Med 100 (also known as AC11) Clinically shown to repair damaged DNA
  • Infused with D-BHB (premium patented ketone supplement) helps with muscle preservation, fat loss, appetite suppression, energy, and mood

3 New Flavors

Keto Pro comes in a variety of flavors, but these are the top 3 flavors (this list does not include the seasonal flavors).

Pruvit’s top-selling Keto Pro is:

#1 Banana Cream. Banana Cream has a nice banana flavor but it’s not overpowering and has no nasty after taste like many other protein powders or shakes.

#2 Carmel Cold Brew. Pruvit’s newest flavor is flying off the shelf and tastes like a caramel frappuccino. I suspect this keto protein will become Pruvit’s top-selling Keto protein powder very quickly.

#3 Dark Chocolate. Everyone that has tried a chocolate protein shake knows that they’re lacking in flavor and have a nasty after taste. This chocolate Keto protein shake changes everything. No nasty after taste and great flavor.

It’s no surprise that Pruvit is flipping the keto protein market on its head!

Not only is Pruvit’s Keto protein collection tasty and keto-friendly, but it’s the only protein or keto protein that is infused with ketones which aid in protecting muscle and inducing a state of ketosis.

Learn more and order yours today, you won’t regret it!

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