Keto OS Pro by Pruvit | Best New Keto Protein, Will It Help You?

by Dom

May 31, 2019

Ketogenic protein

Best New Keto Protein | Keto OS Pro by Pruvit

Keto//OS Pro – Keto Protein | What is it?

Keto//OS Pro + MCT is a premium keto protein powder (Protone). Pruvit has developed and perfected the first ever protein shake that balances high-quality whey protein, combined with MCT powder and ketones (BHB). This formula elevates ketone levels and maintains and supports your macros for a carb appropriate diet/lifestyle.

Keto//OS Pro helps people increase their healthy fat intake, making things easier for those wanting to do more of a keto diet or lifestyle. Pruvit tops this protein powder off with BHB or Ketone bodies which help people become keto-adapted faster while preventing the keto flu.

Why Is Keto OS Pro the Best Keto Protein Powder

This isn’t just some run of the mill keto protein, but rather, it’s the super protein. This ketogenic protein powder is packed full of BHB (Beta-hydroxybutyrate) and Cmed 100, allowing a person to achieve ketosis quickly.

What Will This Keto Protein Do for You?

Take a listen to what Dr. Jacob Wilson CEO of ASPI in Tampa FL, (Dr. Wilson was featured in Generation Iron) has to say about Pruvit’s protein powder, the first ever multi-patented Keto protein powder.

Pruvit’s Keto protein will give you all that you’ve ever wanted in a protein powder.

Here are some of the benefits of Pruvit’s ketogenic protein powder provides:

  • Elevate ketone levels for increased energy
  • Muscle preservation
  • Recovery
  • Fat burning, all the while meeting the demands of the body for protein.

KETO//OS PRO VS Other Keto Protein Powders

This ketogenic protein powder speeds up the initiation of muscle growth and prevents muscle breakdown and is perfect as a superior post exercise muscle repair and healing drink.

KETO//OS PRO utilizes a unique compound, known as C8 MCT, to help slow aging by enhancing muscle preservation, improving energy levels, and helping with digestion.

Prüvit strategically designed this keto protein powder as a very low-calorie protein shake to help those living or trying to live a carbohydrate appropriate or ketogenic life-style.

Unlike other protein powders, or keto shakes, this one won’t spike insulin or glucose. Even though this ketogenic protein shake has very few calories, it tastes amazing and delivers a lot of benefits.

How Do You Use This Ketogenic Protein Powder?

Pruvit suggests taking this keto Protein once a day for novel use, or twice during the day (morning and mid-afternoon) for peak overall performance. This isn’t intended to be taken as a meal replacement, Keto//OS Pro is intended as a protein enhancement.

Protein is critical to keep muscle tissue as our bodies age. Protein gives advanced help and supports longevity. This technology ensures people get the protein they need to function at their best.

Is This Keto Protein Vegan-Friendly or Dairy Free?

This version of KETO//OS PRO + MCT does have dairy and is not vegan. The amount of dairy is minimal but is required to prevent the MCT from becoming a gooey mess.

Pruvit will be releasing a Dairy-free or Vegan Keto Protein very soon! In the meantime, Pruvit does offer other ketone supplements that are vegan such as KETO//OS NAT and KETO//UP.

Keto//OS Pro currently is available in two flavors:

Chocolate Swirl and Orange Dream.

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