KETO//OS NAT® Mango Piña

by Dom

December 12, 2021

Nat Ketones

Introducing, KETO//OS NAT® Mango Piña! The newest innovation in ketone technology is a crowd-pleasing combination of mango and pineapple.

These on-the-go ampules are as convenient as a sachet, and mix up with 12-16oz of water. Made with our patented free-cell technology, meaning it's salt-free (like some of our KETO//UP™), KETO//OS NAT® Mango Piña absorbs quick for fast-acting feel-good benefits. Sweetened with allulose, known for reducing gut microbiome and lowering blood glucose levels, this fuel is pretty EPIK.

This first release is available while supplies last. Follow the button below to purchase.

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Dom went from foster child, turned disabled veteran, to network marketing 7 figure earner, and blogger. Read more about my story here: From Broken & Broke To 7 Figures

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