How to Take Pruvit Ketones Keto OS NAT | When to Drink Ketones

by Dom

May 26, 2021

This is a simple and effective guide to help you start drinking Pruvit Keto OS Nat (keto drink). All too often I get asked, “How do I take Pruvit Keto OS?”

So, I figured I’d put out this easy-to-follow guide to help you get the most out of ketones.

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The best way to start drinking Pruvit Ketones is to start slowly. This will allow our bodies to utilize Keto OS Nat (Ketones) effectively and efficiently. Our bodies need to learn how to use the ketones we are providing it.

Our bodies are used to utilizing carbs and sugars to fuel themselves. This is not to say our bodies do not know how to use the ketones we are providing it but, rather our bodies won’t be able to utilize them efficiently and will discard some of them rather than using them all initially.

DO NOT change your diet to a keto diet! Changing your diet dramatically, you can cause GI distress and weight gain.

I recommend reducing your carb and sugar intake. Making small adjustments you will make long-lasting healthy changes that’ll help you achieve your goals quickly.

When Should I Drink Pruvit Ketones 


How Fast Do I Drink Keto NAT?

Take 1 full serving on an empty stomach in the morning

Mix in 8-32 oz of cold water (less water = sweeter, more water = less sweet)

Sip (do not guzzle) on your 1 full serving of Keto OS NAT for 30-45 mins. This will allow your body to slowly absorb the ketones and allow you to utilize them effectively.

Do this for a week and then you can drink your Keto OS Nat faster if you want.

Taking Keto OS NAT for Weight Loss/Fat Loss

The best time to take Keto OS NAT for weight loss/Fat Loss is first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.

If you find that you become hungry after drinking your Keto NAT, I recommend eating something (Eggs, Avocado, something low in carbs and sugar and has healthy fats) and drink your Keto NAT with your meal.

Eat only when you’re hungry and eat, just lay off the bread, pasta, and sugars. No need to increase your fat intake.

If you’d like to make changes to your diet to a more carb-appropriate diet (low-carb) download this 21-day keto meal plan. FREE 21 Day Keto Meal Plan

Taking Pruvit Keto NAT for Performance

The best time to take Keto OS NAT for performance is 30-45 mins before you start your workout (1 full serving). This will give your body time to absorb the ketones and you’ll be able to utilize them for energy and focus while preserving muscle.

You can also take Keto OS NAT as a post-workout to aid in recovery and muscle prevention. The best time to take Keto OS NAT as a post-workout is between 2-4 hours after your workout (1 full serving).

Taking Pruvit Ketones for Overall Better Health and Brain Function

Wanting to improve joint mobility, mental focus, mood, sleep, overall energy, and brain health, taking Pruvit’s keto drink Keto essential.

To optimize all aspects of your health simply drink 1 full serving in the morning (typically before 9 am) and another mid-day.

Keep in mind the amount of water that you mix your Pruvit Keto OS NAT in is an individual choice based on the amount of sweetness you like.

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