Pruvit Coupon Code for Keto//OS MAX or Keto NAT

Pruvit coupon code

Getting a Pruvit coupon code for Keto//OS MAX or NAT can be a challenge. If you do a simple google search you’ll find a large number of sites offering coupon codes or discounts only to find out they’re no good. So, how do you get one? In order to answer this, you have to understand who is able to give them out and why.

Want to receive a large discount on your next Pruvit order? If so read on because I have a gift for you!

What is a Pruvit Coupon Code?

A Pruvit coupon code is a just like any other discount code that you would use to receive a certain percentage or dollar amount off of a purchase that you are making. The major difference with Pruvit is that Pruvit itself doesn’t offer coupon or discount codes. This may seem a bit strange especially once you add a product such as Keto MAX, Keto NAT or even the Keto Reboot to your shopping cart and you proceed to checkout you see a place to enter a coupon code. (see image below)

Pruvit discount code
once you add a Pruvit product to your cart and continue to check out is when you’ll see this.

The coupon codes can be used on the majority of Pruvit products but not all of them (see list below). So, even if you have a working coupon code make sure that you see the change in price before confirming your order, otherwise you’ll be charged the full retail amount. Watch this video on how to ensure your Pruvit coupon code is giving you the discount you are expecting (

What Pruvit Products Will The Coupon Codes Work With?

urrently, the coupon codes DO NOT work when buying the following:

  • The 60 Hour Keto Reboot (supports and resets your metabolic system)
  • Keto Kalm (a ketone tea that aids in getting a restful sleep)
  • Keto//UP (Pruvit KetoUP is a new on the go ketone drink that is in a can and is slightly carbonated. Simply pop the top and KetoUp!)

Your Pruvit coupon code will work with all other Pruvit products and at some point in the future, you will be able to apply the coupon codes to all Pruvit products.

How Do I Get A Coupon Code?

Pruvit its self doesn’t give out coupon codes to the public, instead they reward promoters (as part of compensation) with what is called Pruvit Bucks. Pruvit Bucks are given to promoters (independent distributors, partner, reps) based on the value of their individual personal sales. Pruvit takes the two (2) highest orders placed by customers during that month and averages them out (customer 1 buys $130 of product + customer 2 buys $130 of product = $260 /2 = 130 Pruvit bucks). The Promoter can then create a coupon code from their available Pruvit Bucks. Coupon codes can be of any value. A Pruvit promoter can generate a coupon code for as little or as much as they like. Most often promoters are creating the coupon code for $10.

Pruvit has limited the amount of Pruvit coupon codes or discount codes to $250 per week that anyone promoter can use for personal use or to give to new or existing customers. So, how do you get your coupon code?

There are a few ways to get your code.

  • Contact your promoter and see if they will give you one
  • You don’t know a promoter? reach out to me
  • Become a Pruvit promoter and earn Pruvit Bucks to create your own coupon codes

If you reach out to me for a discount code, all I ask is that you confirm the following:

  • You are not a current customer
  • You are not a Pruvit promoter
  • That you will use the code on my link (

As I explained above the codes that I give come as a part of my earnings. It is only right that you use the Pruvit coupon code with the promoter that gave it to you. I always keep the Golden Rule in mind (“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”)

Pruvit Coupon Codes and Discount Codes Available

As promised, for your initial order from my site @ I’ll give you a $10 discount code.

If you don’t use a coupon or discount code on your initial order I’ll give you the following discount on your next one-time-order:

If your initial order was:

1 Box of Keto//NAT = I’ll give you a $15 coupon code to use on your next order

2 Boxes of Keto//NAT = I’ll give you a $25 coupon code to use on your next order

3-5 Boxes of Keto//NAT = I’ll give you a $40 coupon code to use on your next order

6-8 or more Boxes of Keto//NAT = I’ll give you an $80 coupon code to use on your next order

Made or making a larger first time order? Email me and well get you taken care of.

Email me for your coupon code @

Want To Sample Pruvit Keto//OS MAX or NAT Free?

That’s right, FREE !!. I will send you a sample absolutely free. Why would I do this? The answer is simple, I believe that Pruvit’s products are a catalyst to help people. I’m a firm believer that if you provide value to others with no expectation of getting anything in return you will receive and win more than you will ever lose.

Most people are unsure if Keto MAX, KetoNAT, or even the highly anticipated KetoUP will taste good. People are used to protein or meal replacement shake to taste awful. Well, this is no protein or meal replacement shake, this is the worlds only Pure Therapeutic Ketone supplement! Pruvit’s product puts you into a state of ketosis in under an hour and this is HUGE!.

Learn more and get your free sample today just go HERE


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