Keto UP by Pruvit The Super Ketone Energy Drink

By February 1, 2019Keto, Pruvit Keto OS Review

Keto Up The Big Apple

Keto UP is a clean fuel source for your body and brain! It contains C-med 100 (AC-11) for DNA repair, Ketones, and BCAA. It’ll increase your fat burning potential, energy levels, and delivers unbelievable focus. You’ll see life in HD as it’s meant to be seen and lived.

Keto Up by Pruvit is the only Super Ketone Energy drink on the market and it’s amazing!  KetoUp isn’t your run of the mill Ketone drink, but rather the Ferrari of all Ketone supplements, let’s just say it’s a SUPER KETONE.

Pruvit has found a way to move the Ketone conversation to a new level. In the past, exogenous ketones came in powdered versions such as Keto//Max and Keto// NAT. These powders are very effective and state of the art. With one serving Keto NAT will raise your Ketone levels rapidly and will sustain those levels for hours.

One of the challenges associated with the powders was that you need a water bottle or shaker cup to put it in and then you shake it, then drink it. Keto NAT comes I’m several amazing flavors but Keto UP take Pruvit to the next level.

Keto UP comes in a 12 Oz can and has just a tad of fizz. Keto UP is your energy drink that delivers more than energy, it delivers ketones to the body and the brain instantly. It’ll help with your workouts, recovery, mood, sleep, and fat loss. It comes in flavors that aren’t available in the powdered form.

Keto Up Unicorn Slam

Pruvit Keto UP doesn’t replace Pruvit’s Keto//OS or Keto//NAT but instead complements them. It’ll give those looking for additional options exactly what they’re looking for. Pop a pack of your favorite Keto UP flavors such as the Big Apple (you got it, it’s a refreshing green apple flavor) in the fridge or cooler and when you need a boost of energy crack it open and Keto UP!


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To order KETO//UP Unicorn Slam (tastes like cotton candy) simply click HERE—->KETO UP Unicorn Slam

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