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Pruvit KETO//NAT

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Today I am going to be answering the most frequently asked questions that I get asked about Pruvit Keto//NAT, such as what the benefits are if you have to be on the keto diet while taking Keto//NAT if there are side effects, and why I drink Keto//NAT.    The first and most common question I get asked is: What are…

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Keto Basics

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If you follow the ebb and flow of the dietary industry, then you have probably heard of the term “ketosis,” “ketones,” or “the ketogenic diet.” You generally hear reference to them when we talk about low-carb, higher fat diets

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Ketones and Ketosis 101

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Ketones and Ketosis 101   Dr. Holland is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Kinesiology and Director of the Nutrition, Exercise, and Stress Laboratory at Augusta University. She focuses her research on ketosis, in regards to cognitive performance, systemic health markers, body composition, and exercise performance. Keep on reading for her break down of ketones or jump to the…

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keto os weight loss

Keto OS Fat Loss Real or Exaggerated?

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 Keto OS Fat Loss Real or Exaggerated?   It seems like anywhere you look you’ll find before and after pics of Pruvit Keto OS / Keto Max users. Truth be told, some of the Keto OS Fat loss stories and pictures seem a bit unreal. I mean seriously, can a person really just drink Keto OS and lose fat?  This…

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Pruvit keto os Promoter

Becoming a Pruvit Promoter? 4 Things You Need to Know That Will Help You Succeed as a Distributor.

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Becoming a Pruvit Promoter is an Exciting Opportunity, but Before You Jump in, Here Are 4 Tips That Will Help You Succeed.   Often times people become excited about new opportunities and the possibilities that come with them. We become excited and jump in head first, often times without considering how or what we need to capitalize on the opportunity….

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Pruvit Keto and the ketogenic diet

Ketogenic Diet – Why Going Keto Might Help You

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Ketogenic Diet – Why Going Keto Might Help You The goal of a ketogenic diet is to improve health through a metabolic change in which the primary cellular fuel source switches from carbohydrate-based fuels (glucose) to fat fuels and fat metabolism products called ketones.  This is achieved through a metabolic process called ketogenesis and when this occurs it is called ketosis. Ketosis is a normal metabolic…

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Pruvit keto OS improves telomeres

Telomeres, what are they and why you should care

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Everyone ages, but not everyone ages well. Two people of the same age can feel and look very different, and be in very different stages of health. This is something we already know, from conversations with friends and coworkers, or just from looking in your own mirror. What you may not know is that there is a reason, a scientific…

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