Wait! Hold on. Slow down with the Advocare stuff

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If you haven’t heard, AdvoCare announced on May 17, 2019, that it will no longer conduct business as a multi-level-marketing business model, but instead, they will be changing to a direct to consumer model effective 17 July 2019. Advocare had been in confidential talks with the FTC and had agreed to change their business model to avoid damage to their brand. here is what Advocare International had to say:

“Over the years, we have made many changes to the AdvoCare policies as the regulatory environment has shifted. Based on recent discussions, it became clear that this change is the only viable option,” says Patrick Wright, AdvoCare’s chief executive officer. “Regardless of the model, we remain steadfastly committed to providing our high-quality nutritional products to our loyal customers who are seeking to live healthier lives. We stand behind the integrity and values of this company and will continue to work with our dedicated Distributors to provide the best customer service to ensure AdvoCare products are available for decades to come.”

What does this all mean to the Advocare Distributors?

The change to the way Advocare conducts business only affects distributors. Customers will still receive the products they order. The change that a customer will feel (in my opinion) is not having the support and coaching that they are accustomed to that is typically provided by an Advocare distributor.

Advocare Distributors will feel the majority of this change. Reps. that have invested so much energy, time, effort, and heart into growing their own Advocare business and creating a community for people to plug into will no longer be rewarded for their hard work. Quite simply, Advocare distributors that were building a business, chasing their dream will no longer receive a paycheck that so many people works years for.

Bottom line is Advocare didn’t have a choice. It was either this or fight the FTC and risk losing everything.

Things Get Dog Eat Dog

Now that over 100,000 Advocare Distributors just found out they no longer have a business other distributors or reps from other companies see an opportunity. An opportunity to recruit the displaced Advocare reps into their business. Not only do other company reps see this opportunity, but theirs seems to be a sense of desperation.

I say, Wait! Hold on. Slow down with the Advocare stuff.

Can you imagine the way the Advocare reps feel right now? Sure, some reps and probably most of them will be looking for another company jump to with their teams, but remember they just got the news a day ago. If you’re in network marketing in a company like BeachBody, Pruvit, Isagenix, Globallee, or some other one just slow down. Work your business, give value to your customers and promoters and everything will work itself out.

My thoughts go out to all Advocare Reps / Distributors and their families. I know that you will rise above this and do some amazing things.


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